Mass and Miraculous Medal Novena is celebrated at 7:00 p.m. every Monday evening in English and Wednesday in Polish.  Recitation of the Rosary begins at 6:45 p.m.  All are invited to this beautiful devotion to the Blessed Mother.


Divine Mercy Devotion


The Divine Mercy Devotion will be held Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 3:00 PM.  All are invited to attend this beautiful devotion.  Please join the growing number of people who attend.  If you have never attended because you aren't sure how to recite this devotion, there are booklets available to help you through it.  All you need to bring is your Rosary Beads.

PARISH OFFICE – Winter Hours


The parish office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9:30 AM to  3:30 PM; Wednesday from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM; and Friday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  203-734-0005


f these hours are not convenient, please call the office and our staff will make arrangements to accommodate you.



Sunday, February 24, 2016 – Divine Mercy Devotion.







FASTING: Catholics age 18-59 are to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday: one full meal and two smaller meals with no snacking between meals.


ABSTINENCE: Catholics age 14 and older must abstain from meat on all the Fridays of Lent and on Good Friday. Those whose health may be impacted by these regulations are not obligated to adhere to them.


CONFESSIONS: In addition to our regular schedule of confession times, confessions will also be heard every Monday evening from 6:00 to 6:45 pm during Lent.


MASS AND STATIONS OF THE CROSS: On the Fridays of Lent there will be a mass in English at 5:30 pm followed by Stations of the Cross and a Mass in Polish at 7:00 pm followed by Stations of the Cross.


GORZKIE ZALE: will take place after the 11:30 am Mass on the Sundays of Lent.






SECOND COLLECTION - February 6 & 7, 2016 - The Second Collection is to help defray winter heating costs in the Parish.  Your help is always greatly appreciated.




As the New Year begins so does the custom of blessing of homes and those who live within them.  Our Parish Priests are available to bless your home (anytime beginning after Christmas Day).  Please call the Parish Office to arrange a time for the blessing  if you would like to participate in this beautiful custom.





Mass requests for 2017 may now be made.  If you are unable to stop at the office you may place your requests, in writing, in the basket or mail them to the office.  Be sure to include your

name, address, telephone no. and payment (Sunday Masses $20, weekdays $15).  Requests will be honored as they are received.




...The 6th annual Alumni Recognition Ceremony will be held on Sat., March 12, 2016 at Villa Bianca in Seymour at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are $40 per person. To make reservations or to place an ad in the program book,  please call the school office at 203-735-6471.  The honorees for this year are:

*Guardian Angel Award - Dr. Susan Goncalves.

*Spirit of St. Mary-St. Michael Awards – Michael McFarland, Frederick Ring, and Marc Garofalo.

*Christian Compassion Award – Mary Anne Michel. (Congratulations to our parishioners Sue Goncalves and Marc Garofalo who are so deserving to be honored!).


...St. Mary-St. Michael School Board will meet on Wednesday, February 10, at 7:00 pm.


...School Winter Break is from Friday, Feb. 12 through Monday, February 15.


...Registration is taking place for the 2016-17 school year for all grades PreK through Gr. 8.  The school offers a ‘Before and After School Program’ from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm.  Call the school for information or to make an appointment.


...The next school dinner will take place on Sat., February 20 in St. Mary’s Church Hall.




Schedule of Classes- February/March 2016




Schedule of Classes – 8:30 to 9:45 am


Grades 1, 2, 3, and 8.

February 14 & 28, March 13


Grades 4, 5, 6, & 7.

February 7 & 21, March 6 & 20


Grade 9.

February 7, March 6


Notes from Margaret Mattei, DRE...

THERE WILL BE A PARENT/GUARDIAN MEETING for students receiving First Penance and First Eucharist this year. Please attend a brief meeting at the school on Sunday, February 14 (date has been changed) at 9:30 am in the third grade classroom.


PARENTS may check the Parish website bulletin for the schedule also.


Please note:  All third grade students are required to know the following prayers by memory: The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father, Act of Contrition.  Also required by memory are the words used in the Sacrament of Penance (i.e. ‘bless me Father, for I have sinned, etc.’).  All this can be found in the children’s books and parents are asked to review these requirements with the students.




The practice of a Holy Door draws from a rich history of seeking refuge at the altar.  When fleeing for one’s life, it was forbidden to kill a person who had sought refuge by grasping onto the horns of the altar. (Hebrew altars were built with horn-like extensions on each corner).  These are signs of the glory of God resting on the altar.  In the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, the design of the baldicchino over the high altar evokes the horns of the altar.  The Catholic Church has continued the practice of offering refuge to sinners.  People who are fleeing for their lives are offered ‘sanctuary.’

Pope Francis has continued drawing upon this imagery by describing the Church as a ‘field hospital for the wounded’.  The Holy Door at the Cathedral represents the threshold of mercy and healing.




This Lent, Dynamic Catholic has a great opportunity for our parish – a free email program called ‘Best Lent Ever’.  Each day you will get an inspirational email with a short video featuring author Matthew Kelly and a member of the Dynamic Catholic Team.  Throughout Lent they will guide you through each of the forty chapters in ‘Rediscover Jesus’ and share simple ways To bring Jesus into your life.  Sign up at:http://DynamicCatholic.com/Lent  for this free program.




Please keep in mind... Those who used offertory envelopes in 2015 will be sent a donation statement by the end of January.  This statement only reflects those donations that were in your Sunday church envelopes, which are recorded every week. (This does not include the parish dues envelope.)  Once you receive the statement, if you have any questions concerning it, please call the parish office.  Office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and on Fridays from 12:30 to 2:30 pm.




If you wish to save any Christmas decorations on your plot at the Cemetery, please remove them by the end of February, weather permitting.  Thank you.





The lining of the parking lot done by Arrow Line Painting at a cost of $125 brings the total cost of repaving the parking lot to $13,425.  Donations total to date: $11,620  We are still in need of at least $2,325 just for the parking lot.  There will also be additional cost for the concrete sidewalk around the sides of the Rectory. Any future donations will be gratefully accepted. Thank  you.


PAINTING OF THE OUTSIDE WINDOWS OF THE CHURCH... Total donations to date: $2050.

The total cost for the painting of all the outside church windows, trim, and the fixing of leaking gutters totaled $5270.  Thank you to all who have graciously supported the cost of this project.




Our bulletin is supported through the generosity of the advertises on our back cover – please support their business’ and let them know you appreciated their support of our parish through their advertisements.






DRUGA SŁADKA w dniu dzisiejszym przeznaczona jest na ogrzewanie budynków parafialnych (kościoła, szkoły i plebanii).  Prosimy o ofiarność.


KOLĘDA 2016 Zakończyliśmy tegoroczną kolędę w naszej parafii. Serdecznie dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy zaprosili nas do swoich domów. Niech dobry Bóg wynagrodzi Wam ogromną życzliwość, której doświadczyliśmy odwiedzając Wasze domy!


W tym tygodniu 10  lutego w Kościele Katolickim przypada Środa Popielcowa. Otwiera ona święty, szczególny czas Wielkiego Postu. Zewnętrznym znakiem naszego wejścia na drogę pokuty  i nawrócenia jest posypanie głowy popiołem. Wielki Post – czas pokuty, postu, wyrzeczeń i modlitwy – ma służyć naszemu nawróceniu, ma przygotować nasze serca na owocne przeżycie radosnych świąt Zmartwychwstania Pańskiego. W tym dniu Msza św. z posypaniem głów popiołem w języku polskim zostanie odprawiona o godz. 19:00.  Pamiętajmy, że w Popielec obowiazuje post ścisły, polegajacy na wstrzemieźliwości od pokarmów mięsnych  i spożyciu jednego posiłku do syta w ciągu dnia. Pozostałe posiłki muszą zostać ograniczone co do ilości. Ten post obowiazuje wszystkich pomiędzy 18 a 60 rokiem życia. Pozostałych także zachecamy do włączenia się w ten wielki akt pokuty, na miarę możliwości.


W Wielkim Poście w naszym kościele odprawiamy Drogę Krzyżową (w każdy piątek po Mszy św. o godz. 19:00) i Gorzkie Żale (w każdą niedzielę Wielkiego Postu po Mszy św. o godz. 11:30). Wszystkich bardzo serdecznie zachecamy do udzialu w tych nabożeństwach.  W poniedziałki Wielkiego Postu w naszym kościele  w godzinie od 18:00 – 18:45  jest możliwość skorzystania z sakramentu spowiedzi świętej.


INTENCJE MSZALNE - podajemy do informacji, że można już zamawiać Msze św. na 2017 rok.



St. Michael Parish

Current News



In this Year of Mercy, let’s continue to utilize the Archbishop’s Annual appeal as a way to open the doors of the Church to one another and our neighbors.  In the upcoming months, please look for bulletin updates or visit the archdiocesan website, Facebook, or Twitter pages for updates on projects funded by the appeal and the progress of the 2016 appeal.



Congratulations and thanks to all donors as the Appeal closes with record-setting totals!

Amount pledged: $10,573,357 with the number of gifts totaling: 43,963.


125 parishes exceed their goal, 70 parishes raised 125% or more of their goal, 238 Priests raised $254,460, 12,659 donors (33%) increased their gifts in 2015, 2,664 donors were new in 2015, and 22.9% of all parishioners participated in the Appeal.




On April 11, 2015, Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis proclaimed that the Church would celebrate an extraordinary Jubilee – The Jubilee Year of Mercy – which began on December 8 and will conclude on November 20, 2016.  The Jubilee was begun when Pope Francis opened the Holy Door for the year at St. Peter’s Basilica – a beautiful door covered in 16 bronze panels, each illustrating a scriptural theme related to forgiveness.  The Roman Catholic Church has commemorated Jubilees every 25 or 50 years since the 13th century.  The last Jubilee Year occurred in the year 2000 and the last Extraordinary Jubilee occurred in 1983.  The theme of the Jubilee is Mercy.  Pope Francis invites each and every one of us to ‘constantly contemplate the mystery of mercy.’ He invites every member of the Church, young and old, to join in this spiritual journey into the heart of mercy.


The Archdiocese of Hartford inaugurated the Jubilee Year of Mercy on Dec. 13 with the opening of the Holy Door at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford.


The ceremonial rite for opening the Holy Doors (others will be opened in sacred sites as well) along with the ritual act of walking through the doors serves as an outward sign of faith in God’s desire to be close to each of us.




The Archdiocese of Hartford has a process in place if you have knowledge or suspect that a minor or vulnerable adult (an adult with an intellectual disability) has been sexually abused in any manner by personnel of the Archdiocese of Hartford.  This does include volunteers who have contract with children in the parish setting. Please report any suspicions to Sr. Dolores Lahr, CSJ, Victim assistance Coordinator by calling 1-860-541-6475 or at sr.lahr@aohct.org.  You will also be asked to provide a written detail of the facts involved and you can find specifics of the written report in the Policies and Procedures of the Archdiocese of Hartford relating to allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors and vulnerable adults.  The document is available online at www.archdioceseofhartford.org.  There are also postings of this information on our three bulletin boards.




The Archdiocese of Hartford and St. Michael Parish are committed to ensuring the safety of all children and vulnerable adults.  All priests, staff members, CCD and Polish Saturday School teachers and other volunteers who have any contact whatsoever with children and other vulnerable adults in the parish are required to be trained through Virtus (the Safe Environment Program) to recognize any signs of abuse.  If you suspect an incident of abuse please contact Sr. Dolories Lahr, CSJ, at 860-541-6475 or sr.lahr@aohct.org.




Sunday Vigil Mass

     Saturday at 4:30 PM



     8:00 AM,  10:00 AM, 11:30 AM (Polish) and 5:30 PM



     Monday: Novena with Mass at 7:00 PM

     Tuesday: Morning Mass at 7:00 AM in English

     Wednesday: Novena with Mass at 7:00 PM in Polish

     Thursday: Morning Mass at 7:00 AM in English

     Friday: Morning Mass at 7:00 AM in English

     Saturday: Morning Mass at 8:00 AM in English

     First Friday: 7:00 AM Mass in English followed by

     the Litany to Sacred Heart of Jesus; 7:00 PM Mass in Polish



Moses - for St. Michael's and St. Joseph's Altar Servers, friends and chaperons.  Click here or on the image above to see great photos of their outing.


Summer Fun for St. Michael's and St. Joseph's Altar Servers, friends and chaperons.  Click here or on the image above to see great photos of their outing.


Oplatek, 2014 - for St. Michael's Altar Servers, siblings and parents.  Click here or on the image above to see great photos taken by Father Jan.

Exceptional Book, Especially During Lent!

What Jesus Saw from the Cross by A.G. Sertillanges


Parish Family Picnic - Click here or on the image above to see great photos taken by Father Jan and others at the Picnic..

Happy Birthday Jesus 2015 - Click here or on the image above to see great photos taken by Father Jan.

Moses - For St. Michael's and St. Joseph's Altar Servers, friends and chaperons.  Click here or on the image above to see great photos of their outing.



Read Pope Francis' latest Encyclical Letter:
Laudato Si'
On Care of Our Common Home

We are only tenants on this planet, and here for a very brief time.  It is OUR responsibility to leave the planet in as good shape as it was when we came into the world OR better.


This Encyclical Letter can be found in bookstores or online.  For anyone with a computer or smart device, you may access the letter by clicking on the following link:
Laudato Si'

This book can be found through your favorite bookstore or online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  In addition for those with a Nook or Kindle, you may find them available or your devices.  All are reasonably priced with electronic copies under $10 and paperback copies under $20.



If you have books you would like to recommend, please contact the webmaster or Father Marek.


Stay Tuned!  More books coming soon!



is asking for our help during the Lenten Season.  They are in need of food, food certificates, spiral hams, and Easter Baskets.  Non-perishable food may be left in our side entrance as well as Easter Baskets for the children or they may be dropped off at SVDP, 237 Roosevelt Drive, Derby, Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.  Gift cards and/or monetary donations may be placed into the collection basket in an envelope to the attention of St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank and we will mail them to the food bank for you.  Thanks!!




Huntington, sponsored by the Prayer Group, Mon., March 14, at 7:30 pm. All are invited to attend.



DOMINICAN FRIARS, 62ND U.S. NATIONAL PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES from June 26-July 5.  Accompanied by a medical staff, clergy, and volunteers to assist the needs of the Pilgrims.  For Details contact Fr. Joseph Allen, OP by email at: allenop@opfriars.org or the Lourdes Pilgrimage Office toll-free at 1-877-276-7279.  Check out their website at www.lourdes-pilgrimage.com.  Deadline for reservations is March 25.




Dear Margaret Mattei: The volunteers at Birthright of the Valley thank you for your efforts in coordinating the Christmas Giving Tree at St. Michael’s for the benefit of our clients and their children.  We know that the present economy puts extra burdens on everyone and we are grateful for the willingness of the parishioners of St. Michael’s Church and the students in the CCD program to share their love in this material way.  As the volunteer staff at Birthright seeks to serve the women of our communities, we try to help them bring their babies to term in a positive environment and to locate the resources they need to continue their commitment to their children.  Our thanks to you, your students, and the members of the parish for your prayers and your cooperation in our work.

Sincerely, Rosemarie Lewis



A THANK YOU FROM MRS. LINDA COPPOLA, PRINCIPAL OF ST. MARY-ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL... Thanks to all who supported our recent school pasta dinner – and to Arlene Jachyra who helped set up and decorate, to Marc Garofalo and Sarah Widomski and their kitchen krew for the delicious meal, to Bob and Sue Carter for the gourmet cupcakes and to all the bakers who provided such a lovely dessert table.  Thank you also to all who donated raffle prizes and to everyone who helped in any way.  We were able to raise over $1000 for the school.  God Bless you all for your continued support!




holds a pasta dinner and move night on the second Tuesday of each month at the club rooms (112 Derby Ave.)  Next dinner February 9.  Dinner served at 6:30 pm and includes salad, bread, pasta and meatballs, dessert, and coffee.  Following the dinner a movie is shown. Cost per person is $6 and no reservations are required. There are two raffles – one is free if you have a birthday in the same month.



VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT BY SEASONS HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE. Caring and compassionate individuals willing to give of their time to help patients and families dealing with terminal illness are needed.  Spiritual care is one of the core values and principles in the Seasons Hospice Circle of Care.  As a Spiritual Care Volunteer you will be asked to provide companionship and active listening that may include special readings, prayer, meditation, and poetry.  If you are interested in learning more please contact Karen Hale at 203-490-1155 or




ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE CHURCH, OXFORD, LENTEN RETREAT, FEB. 28-MARCH 2, Sunday 7pm to 8:30pm, Monday-Wednesday, 9:30am to 11:30am (refreshments provided) and Monday-Wednesday 7pm to 8:30pm.  Daily Mass at 12:10 pm during the retreat. Presented by two Dominican Priests and a Franciscan Sister.  All are welcome.




– a night of live musical entertainment, on Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 7:00 to 11:00 pm.  Price is $15 per person.  Bring your own bottles and snacks.  Tables of 8 are available.  For reservations call Bill at 203-734-7206 or Gene at 203-735-4062.



FAIRFIELD COLLEGE PREPARATORY SCHOOL TUITION $25,000 RAFFLE is being held again this year.  The prize can be used for any K-12 schools, colleges or universities or to pay back college loans. The prize will be paid directly to the school or college of choice.  Schools must be located and accredited in the U.S.  Only 1,000 tickets will be available at $100. (500 tickets must be sold for the raffle to proceed).  Drawing will be held on May 7.  Call the Development Office at 203-254-4237 for information.



BIRTHRIGHT SEEKS VOLUNTEERS: Would you like to help pregnant women in their search for the alternative to abortion?  Call the Ansonia office and come in to learn about volunteer opportunities and training.  Volunteers offer encouragement and practical support to pregnant women in crisis.




Since 1943 the Catholic League has been helping the Church in Poland  It gives scholarships to Polish Priests and Polish-American Students, funds missionary work of Polish Religious throughout the world and donates aid to parishes and Catholic institutions in Poland.  If you would like to make a donation to the Catholic League, there are envelopes on the bench at the side entrance.  Donations should  be mailed directly to the Catholic League – the address is on the back of the envelope. For more information please visit:  www.catholicleaguepolonia.org.



ANSONIA SENIOR CENTER is open to all Valley Seniors 55 years of age and older. $5 yearly membership.  Call the Center at 203-736-5933 for information.




– a workplace opportunity serves youth ages 16-21, low income and have an identified barrier.  Eligibility is determined by YouthWorks.  Recruitment/orientation meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 3 pm at the American Job Center, 33 Elizabeth St., 3rd floor in Derby and on the third Wednesday of the month at 3 pm in the American Job Center, 4 Fourth St. Ansonia.  For info call Mr. Karl Walden at 203-489-5046 or kwalden@workplace.org.




-invites all to their Prayer Group every Monday at 7:30 pm in their Parish Center, 505 Shelton Ave. Huntington.


Songs,  short teaching, special intentions are held.



MY SISTER’S PLACE, CENTER FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SERVICES sponsors the Donation Center of My Sister’s Place downtown on Main St. in Ansonia which is a non-profit thrift store located at 380 Main St., Ansonia.  Proceeds from the store’s sales directly support BHcare’s the Umbrella which serves women and children battling against domestic violence.  Your donations of gently used and/or new clothing, furniture and other household items are greatly appreciated.  Goods donated through the program are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.




You can send your broken rosaries in a padded envelope to: Betty and Dick Holden (November through April), 7930 Estero Blvd., #502, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 or 7 Crane Place, Simsbury, CT 06070 (May to Oct.)


They will be repaired (they have lots of parts) and returned to you within the week of receipt.  Donations of old and broken rosaries are also accepted which will be repaired and sent on to the missions.  Place a note with the mailing stating if you want them repaired and returned to you or if they are a donation for the missions.  For more information you may call CT 1-860-658-6330 or e-mail HoldenBnD@comcast.net.




for girls in grades 4, 5,6,7,8 for one-on-one tutoring by Yale University students and professions on selected Saturdays at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Center at Yale University at 268 Park St., New Haven, from 1:30 to 3:00 pm beginning Oct. 10 until April 9, 2016.  Fee is $60 for the academic year.  To register please call 203-393-3396 or e-mail dohofilena@aol.com.






WORK WANTED MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY AS COMPANION/HOMEMAKER part-time, speaks Polish and English.  Please call Jadwiga 203-343-5362.




Experience God’s love and mercy and begin the journey of healing.  Please call the Sisters of Life at 1-866-575-0075 or e-mail: hopeandhealing@sistersoflife.org..



ADAM’S HOUSE – Grief Education Center located at 241 Coram Ave., Shelton (across from Shelton City Hall).  This charming Victorian Home has been newly renovated to offer a warm, comforting setting for families, volunteers and staff.  There will be specialized grief education programs planned for parents, children, and teens. For information call 203-513-2808.




Members of our prayer shawl ministry recently attended a workshop in Hartford and donated some shawls at the gathering.  This thank you letter was just received: ‘thank you for donating the beautiful prayer shawls in order to help support the outreach ministry of Mothers United Against Violence.  Members of the Step-Up Step-Out group at Asylum Hill Congregational Church have been attending the MUAV vigils in the City of Hartford over the past two years and have given a prayer shawl to the victims families.  With twenty to thirty murders occurring in Hartford each year it is difficult for our ministry to keep up with the demand.  We are very grateful to your parish shawl ministry for helping to meet this need.’


Pastor’s note:  Every week on Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon I see this gathering of dedicated ladies working diligently to make prayer shawls, lap blankets, and baby blankets (which we give out to families at our baptisms here).  They must be commended for their dedication to this ministry.  They purchase the yarn they use but are so grateful for yarn that is donated.  If you would like to join them, please call the parish office for information.  God bless them!




A day for youth of parishes in the Valley is being offered at Assumption Church on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 10, 2016.  Students in grades 8-12 are invited.  Guest speaker will be Fr. Jewel Aytona from Kentucky.  There will be music and a supper of pizza, chips, soda, water, and cookies.  Please mark your calendars now!  More information and permission slips will be coming after Christmas.  A fee of $20 per person will help defray the cost.


Saint Michael Parish •  75 Derby Avenue • Derby, Connecticut  06418

Rev. Marek Sadowski, CM, Pastor • 203-734-0005

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